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  Perseverence Pays Off, January 26, 2011


Garry Prowe "Author of Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury"


This review is from: Am I Brain Damaged: Memoirs of Return to Life After my Head Injury (Paperback)

What does it feel like to have a brain injury? For those of us who have uninjured brains, reading books written by brain injury survivors is one way to better understand this all too common injury. I do know that recovering from a brain injury is hard work. I also know that recovering successfully from a brain injury is unimaginably difficult. In this fine book, Lori Purdy Faitel tells the story of how she overcame the challenges she faced and succeeded in her recovery from a serious brain injury acquired in an auto accident. Faitel describes her efforts to find meaningful work, to redevelop her social skills, to reexplore her sexuality, and to regain her independence. This book will educate and inspire you. The only drawback: Am I Brain Damaged, like many survivor memoirs, would have benefited from professional editing.

 In April of 1986 I was in a car accident on my way to work. I was rushed to the hospital, died twice enroute, and was admitted in a coma. 

I have written a book from memoirs I kept during my recuperation and re-creation of myself into the world of the non-Brain Injured.

I created this website to help all brain injured, and people involved with them. Read my blogs, helpful links and you are welcome to contact me.

Please use this site, I pray that I can in some way, help to all of my sisters and brothers who have been touched by any type of head injury.

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